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Welcome to the Robot Garden FreeCAD wiki resource!


This wiki space is a place to collaborate around the use of FreeCAD. Here you will find information about study groups, wiki resources and be able to generally collaborate around the use of FreeCAD.

We will be hosting some initial training courses in FreeCAD with the purpose of building a community of people who can learn and grow in our FreeCAD skills together over time.


If you miss an initial training session, you will need to go through the material covered in that course in your own free time.  We will NOT re-cover the material presented previously as it will slow others down.

You can find the prerequisites in the Previous Sessions links below.

Study Group Sessions

Study Groups will be posted on Meetup and will be biweekly on Saturdays starting Saturday January 17th.  Study group outlines will be posted for each of the initial training sessions with ongoing sessions being more free-form and collaborative.

Previous Sessions

Session 1: January 17, 2015

Session 2: January 31, 2015

Session 3: February 14, 2015

Upcoming Sessions

General Resources

FreeCAD Web
Installing FreeCAD
Bram DeVries Youtube Tutorial Series

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