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Below is an Overview of the topics covered on January 18, 2015

If you missed this session and need these prerequisites to join future study groups, an alternate can be taken by following along and performing the tasks in these Youtube videos:

Part 1 Primitives

Part 2 Booleans

Part 3 2d Constraints

Part 4 From 2d Sketch to 3d Model

Part 5 More 2d Constraints

More information about Freecad can be found at:
Official FreeCAD website

Install FreeCAD

Model a basic box using primitives and Navigation

  • Start FreeCAD
  • Level setting about workbenches, navigation of the tool, draggable menus on top toolbar, combo view on the left, tabs on combo view.
  • Right-click blue area and choose Navigation Styles -> Touchpad
  • Create new document
  • Edit-Preferences, unit tab, system is set to Standard (metric)
  • All measurements in mm unless otherwise notified
  • Primitives: add cube
  • Use Zoom/Eyeglass icon to fit to view or find part back
    • Navigate using alt+mouse and shift+mouse
    • Navigate again using alt+mouse
    • Note Axis icon/XYZ
    • Zoom in ctrl+shift+plus vs. Zoom out ctrl+minus
  • Review views: overhead, etc.
  • Select and review data – change cube to 75x75x75
    • Cube should be 75x75x75 at position 0,0,0
  • Add second cube at size 71x71x73
    • move by 2mm x,y and z
  • Show space hide/unhide of elements in combo view
  • Select first cube in combo view, ctrl click second cube in combo view, select boolean cut.  Order matters.
  • This is the basic box


  • Switch to Part Design workbench
  • Click on one of the faces of the box
  • Draw rough sketch of upside-down pentagon above horizontal axis and to right of vertical axis with polyline tool.  Constraints:
    • Top line should be horizontal
    • Top line should be 15
    • Either end point of the top line to bottom point of pentagon should be 23.08 vertically
    • Top left point should be 30 mm from edge of box (use external point to measure)
    • Distance between bottom point of pentagon and either end point of top line should be 7.5 horizontally
    • All 5 lines should be equal length.
    • Make sure all points are coincident constrained (no free draggable points on pentagon)
    • You should now have 1 degree of freedom (you can drag the pentagon up and down)
  • Draw rough star around pentagon.  Constraints:
    • Inner points of star should coincident constrain to pentagon points
    • All lines of star should be equal length
    • Left or right arm should have horizontal constraint on top line (not both or you will overconstrain)
    • Bottom point of star should be 7.29 to bottom of box (use external point to measure)
  • Diagram should go all green and be fully constrained.
  • Select the lines of pentagon and toggle to construction mode.  The pentagon should go blue – we are only interested in the star, but the pentagon helped us build the star.
  • Close sketch
  • Switch to model tab if you’re not already there.  Click on the sketch in combo view to select.
  • Click on task tab
  • Pocket show through-all vs. dimension
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