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The garden computer automatically maintains the garden in an intelligent way and streams data to a server where it can be viewed in real time or plotted historically. An informational video and possibly live data should also be available on a screen at the instillation.

Weather Monitoring

  • Sunlight
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Barometric pressure
  • Precipitation
  • Ambient noise level?

Soil monitoring

  • Moisture
  • Ph?


  • Watering
  • Ph?
  • Fertilizer?

100% solar powered

Live data and historical data

Live pictures and time laps videos


Electronics Architecture

BeagleBone embedded computer running Ubuntu Linux

    • Weather Cape
    • VGA, LCD or other display cape, or just put a big QR code on the display for people to scan with their smart phones and watch the video (and live data) there.
    • USB wifi adapter
    • GPIO to valves etc.

Pan Tilt Wifi camera for live streaming and time-laps

Sparkfun weather station

Soil moisture sensors

Soil PH sensors?

Electrically actuated valves

Solar power panel and SLA battery

Software Architecture

Gardenbot – open source project is a good place to start for the garden control software

Data Streaming

Sensor data periodically sent to server as HTTP GET / POST

Web access (server functions)

  • Real time data
    • webpage
    • JSON stream API
  • Historical data
    • Plots – selectable time window and channels
    • Download – selectable time window and sub-sampling
      • JSON
      • CSV
      • XML


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