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Maker Faire ideas 2014

We’ve got lots of fun events coming up in the next few months leading up to Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 in May.

A few project ideas include

  • Turning the turtlebots into roving interactive versions of our cure logo tomato bot Robot Garden iconbutton_preview_featured
    • Cute and fun
    • Good advertising
    • A good learning opportunity as we do robotics workshops while building these
  • Turning the rascal electric scooter into a spaceship and / or autonomous vehicle
    • Shows off robots
    • Shows off electric vehicles (a big part of what i-GATE is here to promote)
    • Shows off vehicle navigation and Lidar
    • Really eye catching
  • Building the smoke ring cannon trike 2.0.Smoke ring cannon bike
    • It’s a blast 😉
    • Eye catching
    • Already have 1.0

The most important thing is that whatever we do, we have fun doing it. After that, it’s that we can transport it around and show it off to get people interested in Robot Garden and build up our community.

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