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This page is a work in progress at the moment.  Some items need to be filled in or added. Please help create this wiki.

Marshal’s Guide to Open Access

First One In

  • Light switches are available by all the doors (front, back and doorway to the basement).  It looks like there are 4 buttons, but there really are 2 with an on and off side.

Last One Out

The last person leaving should:

  • Make sure all lights are off
  • Make sure coffee maker is off
  • Make sure the area is generally picked up/neat – chairs and tables put back as appropriate (caveat – anyone hosting a class or special interest group is responsible for resetting the area they were in)
  • Make sure all doors are closed and locked

How to get Help (this section needs filling in)

  • How to get help
  • Who to call / text
  • Wiki?
  • Asana?
  • Supplies Inventory
    • IPad is on the top shelf of the left black cabinet
    • Key for gate and workshop is on the top shelf of the left black cabinet
    • Chemicals such as acetone are stored in the left cabinet second shelf down
    • Power strips and cords are in the big bin at the bottom of the right black cabinet

Volunteer information

  • Volunteer culture
    • Don’t ask, just do it
    • Volunteers List
  • Meetings
    • Monthly
    • Weekly call
  • Google drive
  • Asana
  • Website / wiki
  • Volunteer directory
    • Who / how to ask

Creating Events

Any member can create an event.  Here are the guidelines about how to do so:

  • Reserve the area you want in Cobot
  • Create the event in Meetup.  Be sure to limit the size of the group as appropriate.
    • Helpful Tip: You get more options creating an event if you go to the calendar to create the event than from the home page


Non-members attending SBUs need to sign a waiver.  Have them go to Our Waiver form and fill it out

  • Helpful tip: There is a waiver search at the bottom of the waiver form page to see if someone has already filled one out.


Any member can use any equipment ONLY AFTER attending the SBU.  That means we need to keep up with who’s taken what SBUs.  Near the Afinia is a copy of the SBUs people have taken.  Please be sure to try to keep this up to date.

Shared Space Best Practices

Please be sure to pick up after yourself.  Put any chairs, tables, cords or equipment back when done.  Pick up your trash.  If you see the trash is overfull and feel empowered to do so, you can also take that out.  The dumpster is in the back parking lot near the aquaponics tank.

It is also helpful to:

  • Straighten up any wayward chairs or tables
  • Pick up and put back tools laying around
  • Throw away any trash left behind by others

Remember, iGate and Robot Garden have to coexist here – it’s in everyone’s best interest that we are kind to one another.

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