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Opening RobotGarden for Open Access Saturday

Hours to be open: 11am-3pm

Before 11am

If you’re marshalling, you probably want to get there a little before 11am.  Things to do:

  • Turn on the lights – switches are available by all the doors (front, back and doorway to the basement).  It looks like there are 4 buttons, but there really are 2 with an on and off side.
  • Unlock the gate.  The key is in the left Robot Garden cabinet top shelf on a big piece of wood
  • Start up the shop camera.  This is the monitor on the server rack on the floor with the raspberry pi associated with it.  To start the camera:
    • Open Chromium
    • Enter in the address bar  If prompted for a user/password the username is admin – the password is the usual one.  Once up, you should see the camera feed from the shop
  • Start up the Welcome computer:
    • Usually this computer is already booted and you just need to turn the monitors on (the one on the stand and the one on the wall)
    • If you see “updates” just close this for now – Janelle is currently maintaining updates weekly
    • Ensure that the wall monitor is running the powerpoint.  If not – the link is on the desktop of the monitor at the kiosk and is called Start Slideshow.
      • Sometimes the powerpoint comes up needing to be recovered – go ahead and recover.  You will probably have to start the slideshow if this happens.  Ensure the slidedeck is on the wall monitor and click on Slideshow -> Start Slideshow from beginning.
    • Ensure that the browser is up and in kiosk mode:
      • Open Firefox from the kiosk desktop.  The home page is the page it should be on
      • F11 toggles kiosk mode (kiosk mode means that the usual bar at the top is hidden which is how we want it for walk-ins)
  • Check the equipment:
    • Is there enough laser water for the laser cutter?
    • Does anything look obviously broken?

At 11:00 am

  • Open the door by the kiosk – there is a magnet to hold it open
  • Swing gate open and put out the two Robot Garden sandwich boards
    • One should go near the main sidewalk (not on, as this violates city code)
    • One should sit near the door at the top of the steps but not block entry
  • Optionally prop the 2324 address door open to avoid having to answer doorbells.  There is usually a brick you can use to hold the door open a crack.

What to do during Open Access?

Keep an eye on things.  Watch for new faces wandering in – greet and give them a tour.  Some talking points:

  • Do they know what a maker space is?  – hint: we make things!
  • Tie in to STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math)
  • What can they make?  Whatever they can think of – we have: 3d printers, laser cutter, vacuum form, sewing, knitting and other soft arts, robots, etc.
  • High level introduction to the equipment.  Afinia, Rostock, Form1 3d printers, spectrum laser cutter, woodshop, electronics lab with soldering stations, robots, etc.
  • Frequently asked questions:
    • Can I use the equipment free?
      • Yes!  Members can use all of the equipment for free once they’ve taken the SBU with the exception of the Form1 because the material is very expensive for that.  Form1 is $15 per print
    • Do you provide the materials for the equipment?
      • Yes!  Materials are provided for most of the equipment.  Scraps are available in the woodshop, as well as for the laser cutter – larger or more specific projects will probably require that they bring their own material for those.  For the 3D printers, yes plastic spools are available for many colors.  The one caveat is the Form1 – there is material for this, but each print costs $15 to cover materials.
    • What does membership cost?
      • Individual $50, family $80, i-GATE members get 24/7 access $100 per month
    • What hours can a member access the space?
      • Friday 7pm-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 7am to 11pm for individual or family members.  24/7 for 24/7 access members.
    • Can my kids come?
      • Yes!  However for insurance reasons, minors do need to be accompanied by an adult.
    • Do you offer training or other resources?
      • Yes, but…..  Individual members volunteer to provide these sorts of resources by choice.  We can’t guarantee specific types of training or resources.  That said, we eagerly welcome anyone who wants to pitch in and provide more of this.  Community is one of the strong points of Robot Garden
    • Where can I get more information about upcoming events?
      • is our main site.  You can get to anything from there.  The Membership page has:
        • information about becoming a member
        • a link to join as a member
        • a link to join our mailing list
        • a link to our waiver
      • The Calendar page is linked to our meetup
    • Can I use this space to host my own event?
      • Members can reserve the different areas in Robotgarden through the Cobot account they set up as part of becoming a member.
      • If you want to invite the public to the event, add it to the meetup page in addition to reserving the space.
    • Can I volunteer?
      • Yes – see volunteer section below
    • Do SBUs cost?
      • SBUs are free for members $10 for non-members – those not becoming members will need to sign a waiver.
  • Sometimes you will be asked to buy something.  There is an iPad for this purpose.  See Membership/Payment doc in DRIVE
  • Sometimes you will need to have someone fill out a waiver – the kiosk pc at the front door has a link that they can follow to do this.
  • Sometimes people will want to get on the mailing list or become a member – the kiosk pc at the front door has links they can follow to do this.

At 3pm

  • Pull in sandwich boards
  • Close and lock gate
  • Shut off monitors for kiosk pc
  • Check equipment and turn off
  • Put away tablets, cables
  • Put chairs/tables back
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