“Sub” Projects


Thetis is coming along swimmingly! I’ve gone with Lexan as the frame material, 3/16″ thick. The dimensions are 24″x15″x18″. I have stainless steel 15″ rods holding it together and will buttress with slabs of Lexan for both support and  instrument mounting.









Pretty damn exciting if I may say.

I’ve been trying to work out a desing for a CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) sensor and have found an old suite that MIT had once supplied the SeaPerch community. The Sensor Suite consisted of an Adruino board and SMD chip for data logging. After failing to illicit responses from the researchers who had developed the suite in order to get a wiring schematic, I’ve decided to use the available documents that they supply on the site to construct the circuit. Should be fun.



A new ROV design has been birthed. Thetis will begin construction this Saturday, the 1st.

Ongoing endeavors to discuss this Saturday:

1. Thetis payload / operational parameters

2. Facility pool and construction

With maker Faire as a success, we are moving forward with the pool construction and need volunteers! Please contact us is you wish to assist.

Thetis is a new design, with a frame being constructed from Polycarbonate (Lexan) and cut from sheets of the material. The system is being designed with the following operational characteristics:

A. 30 meter depth

B. Pan/tilt camera with pressure canister

C. Manipulator arm

D. Quick connect tether

E. Scientific payload

The science payload will consist of:

1. Depth

2. Water Salinity

3. Water Ph

4. Water sampling

5. Specimen Collection Tray

6. Navigation / Compass


Design drawings to follow, so join us this Saturday, June 1st.



Three ongoing endeavors:

  1. Eidothea ROV
  2. SeaPerch ROV Build for Maker Faire (I just ordered a kit!)
  3. In-house ROV/AUV Test Tank

Greetings enthusiasts,

A very busy time at Robot Garden over the last two months. We’ve opened our wood (and plastic) shop and are currently going through iterations of our wood shop SBU. For those of you who have taken the course, excellent. However, we’ve identified some gaps and will be introducing a hands on portion of the SBU for future courses. Remember, if you are in doubt of how to use a piece of equipment, ask first! The local steward should be able to direct you in proper usage whom to contact about it.

We are gearing up for the Maker Faire on the 18th of this month, and have a number of exciting displays in the works. Make sure to check us out. We will post our display list and logistics asap.

See you there!

Now, into the depths:

The Eidothea ROV has, unfortunately, stalled over the last few months due to other commitments. However, I’ve clear up some time now and have restarted work on the camera and lighting systems. I’ve been considering the sensor suite for depth, salinity, temperature, and navigation and will be posting the solution soon. I plan on building a number of new components for the ROV to display at Maker Faire on the 18th.

I’ve also just purchased a SeaPerch ROV kit from SeaPerch.org and hopefully will have it ready to display along side Eidothea during the Faire. We shall see if UPS will accommodate a speedy delivery. I was considering an OpenROV kit…but it’s out of my price range (sorry OpenROV!). Unfortunately, I do not believe that I have time to post a build date at Robot Garden to gather interested folks to help work on the setup, however, there is one project that needs some assistance…

We are looking for volunteers for the ROV/AUV test tank build. We will be hosting AUVSI in June and need a pool set-up and ready within the month. Can we do it? I think we can. Stay tuned to meetups for this push forward in development!




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