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ROS ROV Rev 1 means ROS (robot operating system) remote operated vehicle revision 1. This first revision will somewhat resemble a radio controlled vehicle. Some key differences:

  • The control data is digital and the data stream complex
  • The platform is open and designed for programmatic extension
  • The control systems are flexible, not dedicated to fixed functionality
  • This is a starting platform, not the end product

This becomes the platform to build upon. Upon this groundwork we will add sensors, actuators, manipulators, etc., as well as software such as mapping, navigation and swarm algorithms.

ROS ROV Rev 1 components

Tentative Hardware Components

  • Magician chassis
  • Board mounting block
  • Motor controller
  • Wheel encoder
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Wifi USB adapter
  • Android control device. If you don’t have an Android device you can borrow one from RG, use teleop, etc.

Tentative Software components

  • A VirtualBox virtual machine with ROS desktop and development tools
  • Raspberry Pi 2 Linux of some sort – being sorted out now
  • ROS desktop and custom nodes
  • Mapping and Navigation nodes
  • Android software
  • Swarm software for dancing, patrolling, etc.
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